3 Ways to Wear a Blazer perfectly

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Written by Kim MADI

This season, we’re taking advantage of the great variety of blazers out there: boyfriend, cropped, and shrunken styles make them easier than ever to pair with just about everything in your closet.

Here’s how we’ll be wearing them.

Style 1: The Fashion-Biz Suit

It’s hard to take a black bootie-clad step at New York Fashion Week this season without encountering what we’ve come to acknowledge is the fashion industry’s take on a suit: Dark skinny jeans, blousy tee (for day) or embellished tank (for night), high-heeled pumps or booties, and a blazer.

This look is super easy to copy and tailor to your own body. If you’re tall or small-chested, top your denim with a boyfriend blazer. Petite ladies or those who need more support up top can opt for more fitted styles. 

Style 2: Make A Dress Work-Appropriate

We’ve all topped a favorite sundress with a cotton cardigan so it’d be acceptable for the office. For fall, throw a shrunken blazer over a less-structured frock for an even more polished, put-together silhouette. Wear it with tights, and there’s a very slim chance HR will get on your case.

Bonus: This is the ultimate day-to-night outfit ? just stow a sparkly pair of earrings in your work tote, and take off the jacket for cocktail hour.

Style 3: Make A Mini More Grown-Up

This one is a bit trickier to pull off, as the proportions need to be just right. But a blazer ? in any shape, really ? can take away the sometimes-tarty edge that miniskirts can have on anyone older than 15. Tuck a slim-fitting top into the skirt, then add opaque tights and flattering shoes, like pumps or even a ballet flat that won’t disrupt the leg line.

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